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The Pen-Stars Program Reviews

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As featured in THE HOUR:

By LESLIE LAKE, Hour Staff Writer,

Pen-Stars brings out creativity in children with upcoming Library workshop... Read more

The Hour September 24, 2015

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As featured in EASTON COURIER

By VivianLea Solek, Easton Public Library on November 9, 2015

Easton library holds children’s creative writing workshop with Pen-Stars... Read more

Easton Courier February 12, 2016

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Dear Prachi, Sushmita, and Himani;

Thank you for bringing Pen Stars to our after school program. From the eager look on the children's faces each week, they were always excited to join you in an hour of literary exploration, self-expression, collaboration, and best of all, laughter. You brought a sense of balance to each class, providing them with both consistency by threading activities and topics across the full session, as well as novelty by offering them opportunities to explore music, art, dance, crafts, puzzles, math challenges, scavenger hunts, and more.

Under your gentle and positive guidance, each student was able to find their "voice", explore their own identity, and develop greater confidence while supporting the same in their peers. Parents have shared with me only accolades, and appreciate the individual attention you offered their children. All mentioned loving the personalized Pen Stars book each child brought home at the end.

We are looking forward to our continued partnership,



Kathy Kravec Director of Plus Program - Before and After School Activities at NCCS New Canaan Country School March 29, 2016

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Pen-Stars is an A+

Both our children ( grades 1 and 3) now at NCCS have done Pen Stars for now it's second year.   While writing can be hard, especially the physical act for some kids, we need ours to do this to build strength, stamina and confidence in their writing.  To our surprise the kids both love this class.   And even our son has written stories, while about sports, that are pages long.   And to read them aloud to his peers with confidence.  I give great credit to pen stars for inspiring and creating happy writers, well done!!!

New Canaan Country School mom 2015/2016 classes. October 3, 2016

Pen Stars Series Book Reviews

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Happy Celebrations!: Entertaining and Inspiring

Happy Celebrations! is a fun, interactive exploration of culture and tradition produced by kids for kids. Sushmita's and Himani's illustrations bring their stories to life in a way that inspires readers to create their own illustrated tales. Conveniently, this book provides readers with that very opportunity in the latter pages.

Not only does Happy Celebrations! entertain, it also teaches unfamiliar vocabulary by highlighting key terms and glossing them at the bottom of each page. Children will enjoy reading the stories, admiring the illustrations, and learn new vocabulary which they can then incorporate into their own work at the back of the book. These two young authors/illustrators have struck a balance between entertaining and inspiring, and I look forward to seeing more of their work.

Andrew Dole Latin Teacher, New Canaan Country School May 26, 2015

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Friends, as the Business Mentor for this project, I always felt that the idea would be so good for those young folks who either wanted to be creative in art or story telling or to those who no idea that they might have had a hidden desire for either. This book has a way of unlocking both groups and urging them to participate in sharing stories and pictures with others. A great idea whose time has come.

E. Michael O'Malley Business Mentor, Fairfield County SCORE books September 23, 2015

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A gift worth giving!

"This creative idea is engaging from every angle. It's great for reading, learning(I love the rolling definitions), and creating. I can't think of a better gift for bright young minds."

Mitch Edwards Private Client Banker, JP Morgan Chase September 23, 2015

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Amazing, amazing!!!!!!

"I bought this book as a birthday gift for my 10 year old daughter. She was fascinated by the stories and the hand-drawn illustrations which were both, interesting and informative. I was also pulled into the pages, because of how fun, colorful, and interactive this book is. My daughter was totally engaged in reading the stories herself and admiring the pictures. I'm glad she enjoyed it!

This, to me, is the perfect book for creative little kids who have lots of ideas and need a platform to bring them out. I like the format and the colorful illustrations. I have used this book as sort of a "time out" for young minds who just couldn't get enough from the regular program and it worked like a charm. The series is an innovative and a unique concept developed by the two young authors. I would recommend this book for classroom collections as well as elementary school libraries."

Madhu September 23, 2015

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Great book and a very interesting concept!

"Love this book! It is a great way to engage children in an activity that's not only fun but also has a great learning aspect to it. The stories and illustration are amazing! Great effort by the two sisters"

Anonymous September 23, 2015

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Kiara 3rd Grade, Horizons September 23, 2015

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Hannah 3rd Grade, Horizons September 23, 2015

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Kerry Stevens Executive Director, Horizons September 23, 2015

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Brenda Friedman Family and Teacher Resource Center Manager, Stepping Stones Museum for Children September 23, 2015

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The Pen-Stars Series are kids teaching and writing with other kids!  Himani, the younger author and illustrator, paid a visit to the Norwalk Public Library's Writers Club last month, where she gave a presentation on her own stories created with her sister, but she also inspired the 20 children in attendance to create their own stories and illustrations.  The children were comfortable with Himani and you could feel the rush of excitement the kids had in realizing they could be authors and illustrators themselves, thanks to The Pen-Stars Series. We look forward to working with them again soon!

Vicki Oatis Head of Children's Department, Norwalk Public Library October 19, 2015

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By New Canaan Advertiser on December 7, 2015

New Canaan Country School students and sisters Sushmita and Himani Narayan have always loved writing and illustrating stories, and now they want to share their passion with other children. Last year, they created The Pen-Stars series, an interactive book series that aims to bring children from around the world and from different backgrounds together to create their own stories... Read more

New Canaan Advertiser February 12, 2016

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As featured in New Canaanite

New Canaanite on October 10, 2015


I’m writing to introduce you to a very unique children’s book series called The Pen-Stars series... Read more

New Canaanite February 12, 2016