Prachi Narayan

prachiPrachi Narayan is the Co-Founder and Director of The Pen-Stars Program. She is responsible for the overall health and well-being of the company. She is involved in the planning, designing and execution of all the activities and the curriculum for the program, as well as the management of the day-to-day operations of the company.

With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Prachi has always had an appreciation for arts and creativity. She believes it is important to discover your passion at a young age and to pursue it from there on. She recognizes that in order for that to happen it is important to provide avenues and resources for children that would help them connect with their true potential and bring it out. This motivated her to start The Pen-Stars Series with her daughters in December 2014 which now offer an enriching creative after school program in several school districts around Fairfield County.

Through Pen-Stars Program, Prachi provides a tech-free environment for children where they do various activities together that inspire and motivate them to bring out their creativity in the form of writing, drawing, arts and crafts, etc. She strongly believes that a computer screen can’t provide the same experience as being engaged in a real-world, real-time, interactive and hands-on activities.

Prior to starting her company, Prachi worked in a variety of senior management roles for small businesses, start-up companies, and non-profit organizations. As a Client Manager at McCreight & Company, Prachi made a significant contribution to the firm with her ideas and creativity while partnering with the clients in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Energy, and US Intelligence Agency.

Before joining McCreight & Company, Prachi worked as a Business Manager at Paul’s Marble Depot LLC. She designed company website, brochures and marketing materials, and managed public relations.  Her creative thinking and interpersonal skills helped the company expand its client base and business.

Prior to this, Prachi worked as a Project Manager for QuickSoft LLC, a Chicago based company.  She was responsible for managing a team of software developers, who were creating systems to support real estate appraisals accessible through a Pocket PC or Windows-based desktop.  She also spearheaded the budget projects to design and develop websites for business and residential communities in Princeton, NJ.

Before working for Quicksoft LLC, Prachi worked as an Operations Manager for BondGlobe, Inc., an online bond trading company, based in New York City.  There, she managed payroll operations, and reconciled worker compensation and quarterly employee taxes.  She also facilitated liaising with immigration lawyers to obtain temporary visas for the employees.

Prachi began her career as an entrepreneur in 1998. She founded an organization called Creations, in Varanasi, India. The focus of the organization was to provide a creative platform for students of the Arts where they could showcase their artworks and get recognized and rewarded for their talents and skills. The organization also aimed at promoting education among physically and economically challenged children.

Prachi holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (Visual Communications), from Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), Varanasi, India.  She has also held a Top Secret security clearance.