Our Team

  • Prachi Narayan
    Co-Founder and Director
    Image of Prachi Narayan

    As the Director of The Pen-Stars Program, Prachi is responsible for the overall health and well-being of the company. She is involved in the planning, designing and execution of all the activities and the curriculum for the program, as well as the management of the day-to-day operations of the company. She is also the lead instructor of the program.

    With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Prachi has always had an appreciation for arts and creativity. She believes it is important to discover your passion at a young age and to pursue it from there on. She recognizes that in order for that to happen it is important to provide avenues and resources for children that would help them connect with their true potential and bring it out. This motivated her to start The Pen-Stars Series with her daughters in December 2014 which now offers an enriching creative after school program… Read more>>

  • Sushmita Narayan
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Image of Sushmita Narayan

    Sushmita is a senior at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, CT. She is a writer, an artist, singer and loves playing piano. Her interest in writing and drawing motivated her to co-create this company that now offers a creative platform to several children at a global scale.

    Through Pen-Stars Program, Sushmita aims to provide avenues for children where they can feel free to express and share their ideas and imaginations in the form of story writing, illustrations, arts and crafts, etc. She believes that no matter how intelligent and talented you are, if you don’t express it and present it to others, your talent will be a waste. She plays an important role in designing the curriculum, activities and lesson plans for her program to ensure that it is interesting, educational, fun and engaging for children. Time permitting, she joins the team of teachers at the program and children enjoy having her.

    Sushmita co-authored the books of The Pen-Stars Series, Happy Celebrations! and Baseball, Broccoli, Boats, and Bottles, with her sister, Himani. It includes two stories written and hand-illustrated by her. The book has inspired and motivated other children to express and showcase their inner authors and artists. She is currently working on a Young Adult series that she plans to launch very soon. 

  • Himani Narayan
    Co-Founder and President
    Image of Himani Narayan

    Himani is a ninth grader at New Canaan Country School, New Canaan, CT. She is a writer, an artist, and a dancer. Her creative interests and pursuits motivated her to co-create this company that now offers enriching and creative environment to children globally where they can discover, develop, and enhance their creative and literacy skills.

    Himani was in fifth grade when she realized that there were other kids in her school who were extremely talented, but they either didn’t have the motivation or the resources to showcase their talents. She expressed the desire to do something about it. Along with Sushmita, she co-authored the first book of the Pen-Stars Series, Happy Celebrations, which motivated many other children to bring out their inner authors and artists. Subsequently, she co-authored the second book of the series called Baseball, Broccoli, Boats, and Bottles. The book also features stories written and illustrated by other children.

    Himani is actively involved in designing the curriculum, lesson plans, and the activities for the program to ensure kids have high-quality, fun, and engaging learning experience. Time permitting, she teams up with other teachers to assist with teaching the class. Her presence makes the class more fun, entertaining, and enjoyable for children.

  • Shalini Jindal
    Director, Creative Media
    Image of Shalini Jindal

    Shalini has been an integral member of our Creative Media team since the inception of the company. She brings an extensive experience and knowledge in graphic designing to the company and has made valuable contributions to the conceptualization, designing, and execution of the company’s marketing collateral.

    Shalini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts from Webster University, St. Louis, MO. She is also a yoga instructor and has been conducting yoga classes at YMCA since the past 10 years.