Our Flagship Center

The Pen-Stars Creativity Club

Come visit our center for your child’s unique creative expression.

It is a sad truth, but our modern world is not always the most fertile ground for nurturing gentle young hearts and minds.

Ever-advancing technology and a constantly-increasing focus on standardized testing often mean that things move fast in the world of education…so fast that many children do not have the space to just “be kids.”

We are changing that today.

The Pen-Stars Program is overjoyed to partner with The Harbor Light Foundation to provide a warm, welcoming space for junior creators to use their imaginations, and follow their hearts toward their natural creative passions. Here, children can connect with their true selves and bring their ideas to life in the form of writing, drawing, arts & crafts, and live performances.

Children are gently encouraged by our caring instructors to chase after their interests, express their ideas, and connect with their peers in a low-stress environment. The Creation Center offers unique hands-on and project-based learning in a small group setting.

With parents’ permission, select stories and illustrations created by young authors and artists may be featured in The Pen-Stars Series, an interactive book series created by children, for children.

On the last day of class, children put on a show for their family and friends where they read out the stories they create and showcase their spelling, vocabulary, and creative skills. This elevates their public speaking skills and boosts their self-confidence.


Instructor: The Pen-Stars Staff
Grades: Entering K – 5
Where: The Harbor Light Foundation – 2505 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825
Duration: 8+ weeks

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