What is special about the Pen-StarsTM series?

The Pen-StarsTM series is an interactive book series created by children, for children. It is a “one stop” book where children can read stories, learn new words, write, draw, share their own stories and interactively participate in the series. THIS IS WHERE CHILDREN GET APPRECIATED, RECOGNIZED, AND REWARDED FOR THEIR WORK.

Do I have to buy the book to create my story?

Yes. You can order the book by visiting our Shop. After you have received your copy of the book, enjoy reading it. Thereafter, you can start writing and illustrating your own story in the My Creative Corner section of the book. Complete your story and send it to us.

How can I become a Pen-Star?

Very simple! Just follow the simple steps outlined on our Become a Pen-Star page. Let your creative juices flow, your imagination go wild, and pencil and colors dance on the paper. Create your story about anything you like and share it with us!  You’ll receive a Certificate of Participation from us within two weeks. We will send you a notification if your story is selected for publication in our book or on our website.

I can either write or draw pictures, I can’t do both. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Under our Pen-Pair program, you can pair up with a sibling or a friend, between the ages of 7-12, who can help you either write stories for your illustrations or draw pictures for your stories.

How do I send you my story?

There are two ways you can send it; scan it and upload it on our website or mail it directly to us at P.O. Box 323, Norwalk, CT 06852. If you choose to upload, please keep the original copy of your story as we will need it for printing purposes if your story is selected.

How soon can I find out that my story is selected to be featured in The Pen-StarsTM series?

Every story we receive is  unique and special to us. Our panel of judges carefully review each story to determine how well it is written, if the authors have included keywords, and how well it ties with its illustrations before they select them to be featured in the series. It may take anywhere from a 4-8 weeks to notify you of the results, depending on the volume of stories we receive.  We appreciate your patience!

What if my story is not selected to be featured in the book?

As it is said, try and try until you succeed.  The more you write and draw, the better you’ll get at it and your chances of getting featured in the book will only get better.  Regardless of whether or not your story is selected, you will receive a Certificate of Participation for creating your story.  Additionally, there are many other ways you can be recognized and rewarded for your creativity such as being features on our website as the “Author of the Month” or  the “Artist of the Month.”

Can I send my order to multiple addresses?

We will not be able to ship your order to multiple addresses at this time. We only ship to the shipping address provided at the time of checkout. Please consider placing multiple orders if you want your items shipped to various locations.

What if I did not receive my package and tracking shows as delivered?

It would be best to contact USPS for assistance. You may go on USPS website-enter your tracking number, select Customer Service FAQ, and complete the online request for the delayed mail report. The Pen-Stars series is not responsible for mail that is lost by the Post Office. Thank you for your understanding with this policy!

I received an item other than what I ordered, what do I do?

Oops!  We made a mistake.  We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. Please send us a notification either by email or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get it all sorted out for you!

Do you have a phone number?
We do not have a phone number as of now, but we have future plans to add a phone number to our website.  In the meantime, the best way to get in touch with us is either by email or our contact us page. Thank you for your understanding!