About Us

Every child is unique. Every child has a story to tell.

The Pen-Stars™ Series is an interactive book series created by children, for children. It aims to help children, in grades K-5, cultivate, discover, and enhance their creative and literacy skills through its interactive books and enrichment program called The Pen-Stars™ Program (Story Club).

Since 2015, The Pen-Stars Program has been bringing a unique program of self-expression and creative learning to several private and public schools, libraries, and community centers in CT.

It provides a low-tech space and a nurturing environment for children where they are able to connect with their true selves. By offering hands-on and brain-stimulating games and activities, it helps them discover their true talents and abilities and bring out their individual excellence through writing, illustrations, arts & crafts, and performances. Our classes fuel and develop their imagination and ignite the curiosity to learn more, thus furthering their creative, literacy, and personal skills.

The first book, Happy Celebrations!, co-authored by the two sisters, Sushmita and Himani Narayan, was launched in December 2014. The second book, Baseball, Broccoli, Boats, and Bottles, was launched in November 2016. It consists of two stories written and hand-illustrated by the sisters and also features two other stories created by children from different school districts. Each story includes keywords at the bottom of each page that help enhance children’s vocabulary.

The book has a section called My Creative Corner, where children can create their own stories. They can submit them either by mail or by uploading them on the website for a chance to be published in the book or featured on the website as the Artist of the Month or the Author of the Month.

Our Mission is to leverage children’s creative and literacy skills and help them achieve their full potential.

Our Vision is to provide a unified platform for all children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds where they can develop, enhance, and express their creativity and be recognized for their efforts.