The Pen Stars Program is an afterschool enrichment program where your child can express ideas, explore passions and delight in hands-on, low-tech, imaginative play.

The culture of schools is driven by standardization – common core standards, standardized curriculum, standardized tests. This standardization is crushing the creativity, passion, spirits and joy in many of our children.

We create a warm, friendly place where your child’s unique, natural, creative spark is loved and nurtured. Most importantly, we allow a child to be child.

Join today to become a star, armed with the low-tech magic of simple pen and paper …

Studies have found that the emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct affect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

The Pen-Stars™ Program is a unique program of self-expression and creative learning in several private and public schools, libraries, and community centers.

Children learn in a low-tech space and a nurturing environment where they are able to connect with their true selves. They can feel comfortable expressing themselves since it is a judgement free zone.

Through hands-on and brain-stimulating games and activities, children discover their true talents and abilities which taps into their individual creativity. Activities include: writing, illustrations, arts & crafts, and performances.

Our program helps kids:

  • Be open to trying new things
  • Feel empowered to do what they enjoy the most
  • Build a sense of achievement
  • Develop their social skills and reduce social anxiety
  • Learn self-direction by taking the initiative to lead their project
  • Enhance their team building and leadership skills
  • Improve resiliency
  • Build positive pathways

Helping Kids Discover their Passion